Hello to all authors. If you are an author that is looking for reviewers, please feel free to contact me via email ( or (, either email is fine by me. I prefer paperback or hardcopies than read ebook because it's easier for me to read and review the book. But ebook copies is also fine. I enjoy reading Fantasy/Dystopian, Fiction, Romance, Contemporary romance, Science Fiction,  etc. I can post up the review anywhere you like it to be but not Amazon, well if I buy something from the website yes, otherwise no. 

I also do author interviews with the author that send me their book for me to review. I also do them with authors that I love and other authors too.

I have been doing book reviews for authors for a long time and I really enjoy posting it, reviewing their book, and ask them questions for an author interview.

So for all fellow authors, if you need reviewers, please feel free to contact me.

~Happy reading~

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