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Book Review: House of Secrets

Book Review: House of Secrets

House of Secrets by Ned Vizzini and Chris Columbus

Book Summary: Brendan, Eleanor, and Cordelia Walker once had everything: two loving parents, a beautiful house in San Francisco, and all the portable electronics they could want. But everything changed when Dr. Walker lost his job in the wake of a mysterious incident. Now in the dire straits, the family must relocate to an old Victorian house that used to be the home of occult novelist Denver Kristoff-a house that feels simultaneously creepy and too good to be true.
  By the time the Walkers realize that one of their neighbors has sinister plans for them, they're banished to a primeval forest way off the grid. Their parents? Gone. Their friends? A world away. And they aren't  alone. Bloodthirsty medieval warriors patrol the woods around them, supernatural     pirates roam the neighboring seas, and a power-hungry queen rules the land. To survive, the siblings will have to be brave than they ever thought possible-and fight against their darkest impulses. The key may be lie in their own connection to the secret Kristoff legacy. But as they unravel that legacy, they'll discover it's not just their family that's in danger. . . it's the entire world.
Syi's Summary: The Walkers have everything they wanted and that was when their father lost his job is a unknown situation. So they have to move into a new house which was once the Kristoff's house. At first the house seem very normal until one of the Walker's kid found out something was fishy in the house and soon enough the Walker siblings was sent into another world where their parents and friends was gone. But they are not alone in the unknown world, there were many different people that they never see in the real world. The siblings spend their time fighting off the creatures and monsters and trying to find a way back to their real world. Soon enough one if the siblings found the book that the wicked witch wanted and made a wish to go back home which they did and kill the wicked witch and met Kristoff. At last they went back home and hug their parents which their parents though t they were weird because they children never hug them that way.


This book was fabulous. I would like to thank Ned  for sending a copy for a review. I really enjoy reading and this books reminds me of Rick Riordan's books which I really like. House of Secrets have a lot of adventures and action. There is a lot of fantasy in it which I really like. I live really fantasy and sci-if and adventure books.

The characters was really good. Every book needs a character that us stubborn, annoying and many more attitude. Deal really love reading books which is the one who got the siblings in trouble because  of her "borrowing the book from the Lristoff's library ,"

Brendan is like a video game player that loves to play video games. He always want to hold a real gun because of the video games he play. Omg. He kind of a average boy enjoying games and not the real world.

Neal is the youngest and she's just like every younger sibling, clueless and a little but annoying. Well probably most if all younger siblings are, ANNOYING.

But despite the characters attitude the book is really good and I like it.

This time I didn't have the time to do quotes but look firward to the next book review.


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Author Interview

Author Interview: Jessica Therrien

Here are the questions that I ask her:

1. How did you came up with the fascinating title?

My publisher was throwing out ideas after my original title was taken by a George Clooney movie. It was almost titled The Descendants.

2. What/who give you the idea of writing about the Descendants and the Greek Gods?

I thought of that one on my own. I've always been intrigued by the idea that some aspects of Greek mythology are considered fact and not myth. The location of the city of Troy and things like that.

3. Who inspired you to become an author?

I'd have to give the credit to all the wonderful authors out there who wrote great books. JK Rowling was a big one for me :)

4. How long did it take you to write the whole book?

It took me about 2 years to write Oppression and only about a year for Uprising.

5. Are you thinking of making this book into a movie or a TV show?

I really hope so. It's not up to me. If it were, I'd be rounding up all my favorite famous people to star in it. Luckily, I have people working on finding a network or producer who wants to take on the project. We'll see!

6. What kind of genres do you enjoy reading?

Of course I enjoy all YA, but mostly the paranormal/fantasy books. I love being carried off to another world.

And here are the books that is by Jessica.


Her books are about Greek Gods and their Descendants. It's pretty interesting and hope you will find a time a read one of her books.