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Book Review: City of Bones

Book Review: City of Bones

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Book Summary: When Clary Fray heads out to the PandemoniumClub in New York City,she hardly expectsto witness a murder. Much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with odd markings. This is Clary's first meeting with the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons-and keeping the old werewolves and vampires in line. It's also her first meeting with gorgeous,golden-hair Jace. Within twenty-four hours Clary is pulled into Jace's world with vengeance, when her mother disappears and Clary herself is attacked by a demon. But why would demons be interested in an ordinary mundane lke Clary? And how did she suddenly get the Sight? The Shadowhunters would like to know.....
Syi's Summary:Clary Fray was a ordinary mundane that goes to school and hangs out with friends like Simon. But things got worse when she went to a party with Simon her best friend. She witness a murder and met some Shadowhunters with strange marks on their bodies.After that first meet she then have a Sight,where she can see things mundane can't see.She starts to get invloved in some Shadowhunters work and went to the world of Shadowhunters. Clary got attack by demons and her mother disappearing. She also found out somethings that she doesn't evenknow, like that shehad a brother and a father. She doesn't remember her own memories of her past. She doesn't know if she is a mundane or a shadowhunter anymore. Things get weirder and weirder when found out that her own mother is a  Shadowhunter and so is her father, Valentine, who she thought it wasn't her father.

Book Rate: 10<333333333333333333

This book is the best. I really like this series even if I just read the first book. I can't wait to read the second book of this series, City of Ashes and the other books of the series. Ok Now that's get into the book part now.

So the Shadowhunters are really cool especially Jace Wayland<333. Simon is ok but Jace is Awesome like shining prince in golden armor! He's really cool. Simon is nice and kind but I don't really like him that much. Alec Lightwood is not my best choice of the boys, though he is very nice and take care of his siblings and Jace. Isabelle is also my favorite Shadowhunter. But she her cook is awful just as Jace said. eheheh. And also that guy name, Mangus Bane creeps me out. But he's not a Shadowhunter.

The story gets interesting and interesting. I think this series is my best series that I ever read. I really like Cassandra Clare;s books.

Ok so now let's get into some epic-ness and suspenseful-ness quotes of this awesome book<3333

"Meanwhile, Simon added, I wanted to tell you that lately I've been cross-dressing. Also, I'm sleeping with your mom. I thought you should know."
OMG Simon, what's wrong with you!!!

"I'm not really sleeping with your mom, you know. I was trying to get your attention. Not that your mom isn't a very attractive woman for her age."
Oooooo. Simon

"Simon, were you eavesdropping?"
Simon you're a bad boy.

"I have seen your mother in a bathing suit, you know."
OMG! what have you been doing on your free time SIMON!

"Pretty soon the only people left without a girlfriend will be me and Wendell the school janitor."
Awww, well keep trying.

"Clary heard her mother draw in a sharp breath before speaking, her voice eerily calm:  "I love you, Clary."
That was the sad part ever! I almost cry after reading that line a few times, but got a hold of myself.

"..had the same jet-black hair, the same slender eyebrows winging up at the corners, the same        pale, high-colored skin"
Well yeah of course they would have the same style since they're twins.

"But vampires are hot, right?" Simon said. "I mean, some of the vampires are babes, aren't they?"
OMG, not again SIMON. Just go and find yourself a nice girlfriend to have.

"Simon is the weaselly little one with the bad haircut and dismal fashion sense."
Hahahaha! That's so funny Jace<3

"Is Alec gay?"
OMG! I think he is!

"Children of Nephilim," he said. "Well I don't recall inviting you."
Whoa that was a just a nice welcome.

"Simon is not a dim-witted."
I think he is!

"He's not a rat. He's Simon. And he bit Raphael for you, you ungrateful cretin."
Aww, poor Jace<3

"Don't you know any Shadowhunters who have cars?"
I think Shadowhunters just fly or do thier magic wand thing.

"You're a werewolf."
OMG -_______-

"That Valentine was-is-my father?"

"Clary," he said firmly."This is my father."

"Jocelyn is your mother,Jonathan(Jace). And Clary-Clary is your sister."
~_______~ That was a prefect family well yuck! Jace and Clary kissed!!!-_______-

Well that's all the quotes.

Book Review: Dear John

Book Review: Dear John

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Book Summary:  When Savannah Lynn Curtis come into his life, Jogn Tyree knows he is ready to turn over a new leaf. An angry rebel, he enlisted in the army after high school, not knowing what else to do. Then, during a furlough, he meets Savannah, the girl of his derams. The attraction is mutual and quickly grows into the kind of love that leaves Savannah vowing to wait for John while he finishes his tour of duty. But neither can foresee that 9/11 is about to change the world. Like so many proud men and women, John must choose between love and Country. Now, when he finall returns to North Carolina, John will discover how love can tranform us in ways we never could have imagined.
Syi's Summary:John Tyree is a soldier who went to the army after high school and skip college. He soon meet a girl while coming home to visit his father. Savannah Lynn Curtis was a girl in his dream for a long time. They both meet when John save Savannah's bag from drowning in the water. And later went to dinner and houses to meet their parents and hang out. Even if they both love each other John have to leave to finish his tour duty, but they both promise to marry each other when they both are here. But after John finish his work in the army, came back to his home town, found out that his father died and left the house and head out to Savannah town. He found out that Savannah was already married. And left John empty wenting for a girl to love him.

Book Rate: 10<3

This book was really good but sad. I nearly cried when his father died, when they both fell in love , and when Savannah told him that she's married. It's really sad. All of Nicholas Sparks book are really sad. And I got two more Nicholas Sparks book to read, Safe Haven and The Last Song. They're both good books.

There was a movie of this book long time ago, back in 2010. I think, but yeah there was a movie of it. Mostly every Nicholas Sparks book have turn into a movie and came out as DVD already. If it's not in the movies than it's going to be online.

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Book Review: Guardian of Time

Book Review: Guardian of Time

Guardian of Time by A. Gerry and C. Hall

Book Summary: A secret has the power to destroy a kingdom.
I have learned this through both isolation and sorrow. My inheritance is a legacy of lies-they flow through my family like poison. Each new morning they become harder to hide.
  But now my world is in turmoil. The Second Kingdom has already fallen. Demons rise from its ashes, crossing our borders to slaughter my people. Betrayal threatens to consume all I strive to defend. The Jeweled City is on the brink of war. Only my marriage to a stranger can slow its tide.
  How can I choose between duty and love?
Syi's Summary: Margariete was a princess of the First Kngdom with the Prince in the throne, her brother, Raeylan. Margariete's younger brother who isa prineling is with his loder sibling instead of his father. Things were going smooth in the First Kingdom, until Margariete over heard that her brother who promise to protect her signed a treaty  of marriage.  She thought it was her getting married and hurry of away from the Kingdom. Prince Raeylan found out and came after her with so army and chase after her, even though she doesn't know. Margariete found a girl, name Ewilsen that appear in the flame. Ewilsen, can't remember anything and Margariete didn't tell her that she was the princess of te First Kingdom and instead she told Ewilsen that she's running away from a marriage. She then found herself in trouble with a noble man while trying to save a peasant from being executed and instead she's the one being burn to flame by the noble man. But her brother, Prince Raeylan came and save her from dying and told her that the marriage wasn't for her and it was for himself. Margariete was relived and thought that her brother broken the promise. Though, once Prince Raeylan got married, things have been weirder. Margariete and the future Queen Katrina don't seem to like each other and always get into a fight. Soon found out the future Queen have been murder and they all thought it was Margariete and was brought to her father the king of Third Kingdom. Her father want her to be executed but her brother protect her and the two knigdoms along with the future Queen father got in to war when demons and other monsters appearing every where. Many    people died and Prince Shikun, the youngest prince died becaue of Korion wants, Ewilsen, who have the Glove power in her, who is also know as the twin Prince Raeylan and Princess Margariete's mother.

Book Rate: 10<3   

This book was so awesome. I really like it. And thanks again to Amanda Gerry and Christy hall and Deonna for sending me this awesome book. I really enjoy reading the Shardwell Magic. But most of all I like the second book better than the first one. Though both book are written very nice. This series is highly recommended to any people who is  interested in these kind of book or want to ry to read these kind for a change,but it's highly recommended.
   This book is really sad cmopare to the first book. I really feel sad for the young Prince, Shikun.. He died in a young age when he didn't even become a full prince yet and died. I really feel sad for himmmmm. Though the twins is still alive so that's fine. I think that Margariete is kind of stubbron and mean sometimes.Though I hate Prince Raeylan future wife, Katrina because she's all mean and naughty because she going to be the Queen and all that. I can't believe that she even told Princess Margariete to live the top floor and said that the top floor is for the King and The Queen area. But yeah Katrina died because someone murder her and many people thought it was Margareite but it's not. I don't feel sad that she died I think she deserved it.
   Even though Prince Raeylan signed the treaty of Marriage he still have a soft spot for Ewilsen. But every time he look at Ewilsen is future wife gets mad or probably she just jealous that Prince Raeylan is nice to Ewilsen and not her. But yeah Prince Raeylan and Ewilsen goes along better and that will make Raeylan and Marraiete's life better.

   I really like Ewilsen's powers. Her powers were a healing power and I also like Margariete's powers too. I think her powers was mind reading. Her powers are mind reading and fighting. The Shardwell magic. It;s really cool.

So yeah I think this is it for this review. And again I highly recommended this book for every one.

So right now, I'm resading Dirty Little Secrets by C. J. Omololu. And so far the book is really awesome. haha<3 Also I'm reading a Uglies or probably read that after. And I got Sand Dollar to read too. So MANY BOOOKS TO READ. BUT I REALLY ENJOY READING.

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Book Review: Eon

Book Review: Eon

Eon by Alison Goodman

Book Summary: She has a powerful secret...
                             wwith deadly consequences.
For years, Eon's life has been focused on magical study and sword-work, with one goal: that he be chosen as a dragoneye, an apprentice to one of the twelve energy dragons of good fortune.
  But Eon has a dangerous secret. He is actually Eona, a sixteen-year-old girl who as been masquerading as a twelve-year-old boy. Females are forbidden to use Dragon Magic; the penalty is death.
   When Eona's secret threatens to come to light, she and her allies are plunged into grave danger and a struggle for the Imperial throne. Eona must find the strengh and inner power to battle those who wants to take her magic....and her life.
Syi's summary: Eon was a twelve year old boy who goes to a school that teaches dragon magic and sword work. He's been doing that for a long time. But he is actually Eona, a girl who is sixteen-year-old. Though people and even her masters doesn't know that she is a girl. But if they know about it then she will be punish and probably be sentence to death because females are forbidden to use any dragon magic. Her secret stays hidden until that day when she got chosen as a Dragoneye of the twelve energy dragons. She then change her name back to Eona, her real name instead of Eon, her boy name. But after she got her to be a dragoneye many things will happen to her and that she will need to battle the people who wants to take away her magics and will going to kill her. Eona and her allies have to move on and go somewhere else before the people will get to her.

Book Rate: 10<3

This book was so awesome. I read this book twice. The first time I thought it was very interesting but the second time it got boring. It's probably because I read it two times. Thought the book is pretty interesting to me the first time. I really recommen people to read this book if you are a really fantasy person or a fan of fantasy. I am REALLY A FAN OF FANTSY BECAUSE THE BOOKS ARE AWESOME AND MANY OF THEM ARE REALLY INTERESTING BY JUST LOOKING AT THE COVER OR REAING THE SUMMARY ON THE BACK OF THE BOOK. Many of my books are Fantasy and some are fiction and some are Dystopian. Dystopian are also my favorite<3

Ok ,let's move on to the book.hahahaha<3 at first I thought Eon was really a boy but then when it got into the end or nearly a end he became a girl. So I got a little confused about it until I read it the page a few times. And then when I read the whole book the second time I understand the whole thing but got a little boring because I already know what happen already. But reading a book a second time might help you understand the book more closly and understanding more of what it's talking about. Well to me a second time reading a book is very boring cause I already understand what they are saying and all those details in the book<3

Eon seems very weak at first because I think that he is a girl and girls don't know how to use a sword so I guess that troubles him a lot because all the boys know how to use a sword and make pose. But Eona practices and begs that the dragon will pick him as a Dragoneye. People say means things to him because he can't make anything right.

For this book there are no quotes because I forgot to do them and TOO LAZY TO GO OVER THE WHOLE ENTIRE BOOK LOOKING FOR QUOTES AND INTERESTING THINGS.

So yeah I think that's it for Eon. Look forward to my next book review. It's either be Clockwork Angel or Dear John or Guardian Of Time<3 I want to read all of then in one time but it's going to be a rush so no<3

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Book Review: Brutal

Book Review: Brutal

Brutal by Michael Harmon

Book Summary: With her martyr-doctor mother gone to some South American jungle(saving the world, as usual), Poe Holly has just landed on the doorstep of the dad she never knew. And she can't imagine a more stifling, sterile place than Benders Hollow, California. It's like the anti-Los Angeles: no raves, no noise, and no friends. Poe-former singer in an La band, current punker with black fingernails-couldn't be more out of place.
   But there's more stirring beneath the surface than meets the eye in this well-manicured town, especially at Benders Hign. There's Theo, the loner who wears old-school Black Sabbath T-shirts(and happens to be the mayor's son). And Velveeta, Poe's strange neighbor who's the butt of every prank at school. When the pranks threaten to turn deadly at the hands of invincible football star Colby Morris, Poe knows she's got to take down the hero, even if no one else in this perfect little town has ever had theguts to try.
Syi's Summaru: Poe Holly went to live with her father who she doesn't know. She live with him and went to Benders High school. Tgough she doesn't make any friends and her strange neighbor Velveeta, a prankster at the high school. Poe often have to faace bullies in school. though the pranks that Velveeta makes have turn into a deadly turn. The football star have control of the pranks and it may destroy people. And so Poe have to take him down which other people at school don't want to.

Book Rate: 7.6  it should have been worse than this.

I really want to give it a 6 but i don't want to feel bad about it. I don't really like this book. But i got this for free from a book club that I join in my school. But still i don't like it. I really hate ths book.

So yeah. This book won't have quotes since i didn't find any good ones.
Yeah that's it for this awful book.

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Update Update

Hey guys,
This is an update!!!

I just finish typing a book review, Phoenix Angel. It's a really good book. I am currently reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. This book is also good. Jace Wayland is soooooo Cuteeeeeee and Hotttttt<3 I just LOVE HIM<3 EHEHEHEHEHEHE! And i'm also reading Nick and Norah's Infinite Playist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. I have to read this bookfor the Book Club that I joined in my school<3 And after reading those two books I might start on Guardian of Time by A. Gerry and C. Hall who also wrote Phoenix Angel the first book and Guardian of Time is the second book. It's all thanks to them and Deonna for giving me these two books.

well that's it for today.


Book Review: Phoenix Angel

Book Review: Phoenix Angel

Phoenix Angel by A. Gerry and C. Hall

Book Summary: What is happening to us?
I've asked this question a thousand times, but there is no answer
    I was a normal teenager, trudging my way through senior year with my best friend. Then a boy named Kyle Spencer came to Idaho Falls, and since then everything has fallen apart. Something mysterious has passed among the three of us. developed terrifying abilities-strange powers separate us from normal people.
   Even worse, someone-or something-has taken deadly interest in us. We never known when they are going to strike, or how to protect ourselves. We don't even know who they are.
   All we kno is that they want one of us alive, and we don't know who. The others they want dead.
   Which will I be?

Syi's summary: So Maggie Brooks is a normal teenager who has a normal friend name Lily Iver. Everything was very normal until a boy came to Idaho Falls name, Kyle Spencer. Everything just change in both Maggie's live and her friend's too. They start to have magical powers. But once they have these magical powers something is after them, a demon or probably a monster. Though they do not which one of them the monsters or demons wants. They just know that it's either Maggie or Lily who causes others to have magical abilities. But the other normal people the demons want dead. But each time the three of them separate something would appear to kill or kipnap them. So all three of them, Kyle, Maggie, and Lily have to stay togther and be safe. But there  was a new guy who came while Maggie and Lily was under attack by demons the boy named, Carter found Lily's purse who is laying on the snow ground. Found her picture and was determine to find her. But things got even worse when he show up. Many things went very wrong and who is the one causing this?!

                                          Book Rate: 10!!!!!!!

So first I would like to thank Deonna, A. Gerry and C. Hall for this wonderful book. I really enjoy this book. They also gave me the second book, Guardian of Time. Though I didn't start it yet<3

  Ok so let get to the book part.
The book was totally awesome<3 This book is so suspenseful and fabulous. There is a lot of fantastic and epic-ness quotes which will be on here when I finish fangirling this book.

The main character, Maggie Brooks is so mean and is only nice to Lily, her only friend in the school. Lily was a girl that is friend with everybody  and then there was Kyle Spencer,m a new kid in school. He's so cool and awesome<3 hahaha. I really like him. He started to go out with Maggie when she accepted him as a friend but she doesn't like him that much. Though he still talk and talk and I think it annoy her so much that she hates him. hahahaha poor Kyle. But after all those things that happen to them like the super powers they have. But I don't want tell you. DON'T WANT TO SPOIL THE GOOD PART TO YOU GUYS<3 But it's really cool.hahaha. I really like it.
  And then it comes to the second book of this series, Guardian of Time. I can't wait to read it since how I like the first book.ehehehehe<3 Amanda Gerry and Christy Hall really write good and awesome books like this one<3 Phoenix Angel and Guardian of Time, though I didn't get to read the second book yet and I'm already saying this because of the first book<3

Ok now that's do the suspenseful and epic quotes of this fantastic book:

"Lily's ice-green eyes sparkled with expectation"
Oooo<3 she's going to challege someone. (probably Maggie)

"...felt a prickle against her neck and instinctively scaned the room. The jock stared at her."
The jock. hahahahaha That's a funny name fora gang.

"He dumped her right there in the commoms, in front of everyone, making sure to publicly announce that he had been the usurper of her virginity."
Ooooooo! poor girl well I don't don't reallycare for them. hahaha

"you're lucky to go out with me, Brooks",he seethed. "Right now you're nothing."
Ooo that's so so hard. Too bad for you Maggie. Well I don't really like her in the first place since she's all mean to everybody, except Lily.

"I'd never date a guy who walks around with his fly open."
Hahahahahahahaha That part was so funny. At first I don't know what it mean but after reading the part a few times it was so Hillrious<3

"You've got no right to treata a girl like a piece of meat,"Kyle almost growled."
You go Kyle. You're the best<3

"Since you won't tell me your name,I came up with one on my own. Thought it might fit your personality."
Sparky is a good name for Maggie since she's all that.

"You try so hard to get rid of people,but you don't realixe some of us like a challege."
Whoa Kyle you just beat her<3 wellyeah she does like to get rid of people like boys.

" He's like your knight in shining armor."
Yep Kyle is sure is a knight and it's a cute and hot one toooooo<3

"She shamelessly cheated on tests, produced answers in class discussions, destroy the happiness of several members of Katie Maxwell's pack."
You are a bad girl for cheating on tests. You are not my favorite character in this book.:(

"I'm begging you Sparky, be my Lady in Red."
Aww Kyle that's so sad if That Maggie turn down the offer.

"How does it feel to lose your boyfriend to me for the second time, B-I-T-C-H?"
Oooooh<3 Cat fightis going to start!

"...but when your heart gets broken don't expect any sympathy from me."
That's what you get Maggiw for not listening to your friend's words.

"Because I love you, Maggie."
Awwwwww How sweet of you Kyle but she should really give up on her.

"Not dead, Lily wept mutely. Oh Please God, not dead!"
Awww! Poor Lily<3

"After  several blocks he intersected a bridge that spanned a unique spectaacle."
Whoa what kind of bridgeit that!!

"...little rock-lined cliff overlocking a 20-foot plunge."
That's a long tall rock then!!!!

"Sounds lke you need to dump this guy," Carter said as hefreed Lilt's hand."
That's so mean Carter. >~<

"The man on the roof grasped the hilt of his sword, the ring of the escaping metal tearing mourning through the night air."
Trouble is coming!!

"Besides, it gets annoying to sit there and listen to people's mumbled dreams."
I know It's annoying!

"Mark cares. He cared a lot. He wished that Lily would just ditch Carter."

"Lily, you could never disappoint anyone. You are the most beautiful person I have ever met."
Aww how sweet Carter, but I still hate you.

"Their entire trigonometry class was dead."
Oh Uh!! I loved surprises!!!

"I'd mary you right now if you'd say yes."
OMGF Kyle is so sweet<3 to Maggie!

Well that's the story of Phoenix Angel. If you like my review then you should give the book a try and let the author know how you fell about it. I loved the book<3

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hey guys<3

So who's interested in James Patterson's books?
  Well I am!

So I join the book clubin my school and there was free giveaways. So I saw Confessions of a Murder Suspect and some other books. There was only three copy  and I got the LAST ONE. YAY<3

Ok so I got like four books and there are more books that I haven't read yet so I have 11 books to read so far. And another author named, Sebastian Cole is going to send me a copy of Sand Dollar so I have 12 books now.

There will be a lot of book review later when I get to finish the books. LOL<3 Probably a few years if I read slow.hahahahaha.

So I guess that's it Iwant to talk about and look forward to Phoenix Angel Book Review. I'm alomost done.


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Hey Guys>3 So right now I'm reading Phoenix Angel by A. Gerry and C. Hall. It's thanks to them and Deonna for giving this book and the second book called, Guardian of Time! And it's a sign copy.
This book is very epic and and quotes that a tab is very suspenseful>3 that shows the book is very interesting and fantastic. You guyshould really give this book a try and let the authors know how you feel about this book!

So far I really like. So look forward to the review!!!!!