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Book Review: Prodigy

Book Review: Prodigy

Prodigy by Marie Lu

Book Summary: After escaping from thr Republic's stronghold of Los Angeles, June and Day arrive in Vegas just as the unthinkable happend: the Elector Primo dies, and his son Anden takes his place. With the Republic edging closer eager to help Day rescue his brother and who offer them passage to the Colonies. The Patriots have only one request-June and Day must assassinate the new Elector.
  It's the chance to change the nation, to give voice to a people silenced for too long. But as June realizes this Elector is nothing like his father, she's haunted by the choice ahead. What if Anden is a new beginning? What if the Patriots are wrong?
Syi's Summary: Day and June have arrive at Vegas with the Patriots' help. Though even they escaped Day's leg is badly hurted of the shot that Commander Jameson shot at him. So they went back to the Patriots and sak for help. Though they did agree to help cure Day's leg and help him find his younger brother but in exchnage they want them to assassinate the new Elector, Anden.

This is fabulous. I love it, having to wait for a long time for this book to publish. But now the second book came out, Ihave to wait for the third book which will kill me. BECAUSE IT'S NEXT YEAR ORTHE END OF THIS YEAR. A VERY VERY LONG WAY TO GO. UGHHHHHH!!!!!

Well anyways June was being so nice to Day. Well since she did help Day escape I shouldn't be that mean to June now.

Ok enough with the talk let's move on to the quotes. I have a lot for this fabulous baby.

"Day has had nightmares everytime he closed his eyes."
Poor Day!

". . . still wakes up gasping with tears, his eyes haunting frantically for all the things he's lost."
I feel bad for Day:(

"Poor little rich girl, with her posh manners."
Eat what you have June.

". . . his lips hot against my skin."

". . . the Republic's two most wanted fugitives."
Leave Day out that.

She's alive:)

"You're going to help us assassinate the new Elector Primo."
What a dirty work for someone who ask you for help.

"I guess I could use some help taking a bath."
O___________________________o What?!

". . . the most I've ever seen Day undress."
O__________________O Close your eyes you perv.

"I love you."
O_O I thought you love Tess.

". . . seeing him naked before me sends blood coursing fiercely through my veins."

"I'm worried about you because of June."
How kind of you.

"Tess kissed me on the cheek. . . "
About how many girls have kiss you."

"Engagements> With paper clip rings?"
OMG! Day!

". . . imagining Day running his fingers along my jawline, bringing his face down to mine."
Ha. You wish.

". . . cuts my hair so it stops right below y shoulders. . tints the white-blond strands a dark brownish red."
Can't imagine him like that.

". . . been trying to get a kiss out of this girl for weeks."
That's so like Day.

". . . only one soldier who'd think to use my dog to sniff me out, Thomas."
I really hate Thomas.

"I don't think anyone's ever flirted with me so blatanly. . . "
You'll like a playboy Day.

". . . can feel their attention burning throughme like a heat lamp."
A Prodigy of Republic now becomes a prisoner.

"How dare him dress me like a doll?"
Sucks being a prisoner.

"I wasn'ta fan of him. I was a fan of you."
Well look at that two guys and one girl. Which guy will you pick.

"The Elector's completely into her."
Well I like that so you don't have to ruin Day's life again.

"You and Day are the most celebrated people in the Republic."
Most like the most wanted Criminal.

"I'm going to change the Republic."
Wonder if that's real.

"I need Day to trust me. I also need you to trust me."

". . . Elector puts a hand under June's chin and brings her face toward him. . . taking something that I thought was just for me. . . still can see him kissing her."
Poor Day you also likeJune. Feeling jealous.

". . . going to do everything to make sure the Republic can never touch my brother again."
Go Day:D

". . . dress in warm winter tights and soft leather boots and a hooded duffle cape and gloves."
Well aren'ts you special for a criminal.

"You kiss random girls on the street without a second thought"
Tess is jealous<3

". . . tears her eyes away from me and runs back to the Patriots."
What! I thought you were going with Day.

"You brought my family into this. Into all of this. You and your beloved Republic"
Serve you right June.

"I am the reason Day lost everything that matters to him."
Yeah you better be sorry.

". . . stripped down my collar shirt and waistcoat. . . jump up and grab the sides of the opening, arms trembling. . . pulling myslef up halfway to see where we are. . . a dark corridor. . . jump back down and take June's hand. . . "
Day is so Hot.

"The Republic hired Razor to assassinate Anden."

"Razor had played all of us. . lied to the Patriots. . then handed us to the Republic."
What a sneaky guy.

"Day you're dying."
O_________O What! Nooooooooo! Don't die!

"His beauty, inside and out, silver lining ina world of darkness is my light."
Day is hot, gorgeous, and beautiful.

Ok that's all the quotes. There's a lot. Pheww. I'm finish typing.

~Happy reading~

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