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Book Review: Survive

Book Review: Survive

Survive by Alex Morel

   It's nearly Christmas, and Jane is on her wayhome to Montclair, New Jersey, armed with a bottle of pills. She has no intention of being alive when the plane lands. Christmas Eve, to Jane, means death:  more specifically, it reminds her of her father's suicide. Jane has always known she'll share his fate. On leave from the mental hospital where she's lived for a year, she finally has her chance.
   Then the plane hits turbulence and everything goes black.
    Jane wakes up in a blizzard in the middle of the mountains. Only one other passager-a boy named Paul-has survived the crash. Jane and Paul form an unparalleled emotional bond from being caught together in the middle of anicy nowhere. Thanks to Paul, Jane wants a future for the first time.
  But the wilderness is treacherous, and only one of them will make it alive.

Syi's Summary:  Jane is leaving Life House and going back home to New Jersey. But she didn't want to be alive when the plane lands. Though everything goes as plan. The plane crash into the middle of the mountains and only two passanger survive, Jane and Paul. Together they helped out each other and find a way out of the snowy mountain. Day and night, they walk in the cold, snowy mountains. Until Jane found a sign carve into one of the trees and thought it was a trail to a save place, but walking there for a while they gave up and left the trail. Soon Paul got sick and Jane have no choice but to leave him and went on to find help and promise Paul that she would come back with help.

Book Rate: 9.5

This book is pretty good though the text was very big. Though I find a lot of error since it's an ARC.

That's describe the characters:

Jane is very stubborn or mean. Though she change when she and Paul was surviving together. I find her annoying at first how she was being kind of mean to Paul who on the other side was being generous to her.

Paul is very nice though there is a few times he was mean to Jane but it's very few. I was shocked that he said I love you to Jane when she leaving him to find help. That was so sweet.

There's only two characters so I can't figure out which one is my favorite character.

Sometimes this book goes back into time or Jane have a dream about her past life in Life House. So it's very confusing to some people who doesn't reallyget the idea. I was confuse at first too. I was like "What the heck happen here." something like that.

Ok so that's it with the review. I didn't feellike doing quotes because I'm very lazy right now. Probably the next review will have some. I hope.

Bye now.

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