Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24, 2012

      Hi this is Ivy Zheng. And this is my booktaslic blog. my friend's blog is Go ahead and visit it! She'll love it. And she is a bookworm that loves books much than anyone else I know. Also, feel free to fandom her about Harry Potter, and Graceling, and any other you read.

   Email and Contact her at and you could visit another blog of her:

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  1. Hey everyone this is her friend. And this is Ivy's booktastic blog. So my blog is, or you can type in and it redirects. So I'm a bookworm, loves books more than anyone she knows, and feel free to fandom with me about Harry Potter, Graceling, Etc, etc. Email me at or (I didn't make that email!) And my friend and I made a blog called You'll love my friend. We're hilarious together. LOL. And yeah. That's all I gotta add to this post!