Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 27, 2012

  Hey! I just finish Incarceron. For spoilers Cluadia was not the Warden daugter and that she is a baby prisoner in Incarceron befroe the Warden took her to theoutside world.

  It's so sad when Finn now Prince Giles left Keiro and Atticas in the prison all be themselves.
And Claudia's so called father got captured and got put in Incarceron too!

 Will Finn Prove to the court that he is the lost Prince Giles and save his friends and brother in the Prison? And find Claudia's father and bring him back to the outside world?
 What will happen if the court believe Finn and what would happen if he had to face his Stepmother and brother?

All is in the second book and sequel to Incarceron, Sapphique.


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