Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 26, 2012

Hey, I finish reading Mockingjay and this book is very sad and a lot of people died in this book. Finnick died  in the battle after he got married to Anne and she got pregnant with a baby. It's so sad I can't believe he died after getting and having a child. And it's so sad when Prim died. Katniss was very sad and mad at the Capitol for it. Well at least she and her rebels defeated the Capitol so there will no more Hunger Games unless somebody make it happen again, but I don't thinl so. Because people are happy being free of the Capitol Cruelty.

Anyway you should read it. Just make sure you jave some tissue with you in case you might cry, because I did when fiinick and Prim dies. :(

 Well that's it for this posts.

 - Ivy

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