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Book Review: Life Before Legend

Book review: Life Before Legend

Life Before Legend by Marie Lu

Book Summary:  Find out more about June and Day in this never-before-seen glimpse into their daily lives before they met in Marie Lu’s New York Times bestselling LEGEND series. As twelve-year-olds struggling to survive in two very different worlds within the Republic’s stronghold, June was starting her first day of school at Drake University as the youngest cadet ever admitted, and Day was fighting for food on the streets of the Lake sector. LIFE BEFORE LEGEND contains two original stories written by Marie Lu that give readers a sneak peek into the lives of their favorite characters in a thrilling new context.
Syi's Summary: This is a short story from Legend. This short story tells you about Day and June's life when they were Twelve year old and before everything that started in Legend. Day ran away from the Republican and went into hiding, and his family thinks that he is dead. June is starting her new day at Drake University. Day have been trying to survive these days but haven't eaten anything ting and thought about stealing some cans of foods that was nearby. Though got caught by the people that were working on the crates of food. But the girl that caught him was nice enough to let him stay and help her dad in exchange for his stealing. But few says later the republicans was yelling at them and so Day have to escape. June was being tease and bully first day of school because of her age and size. Since sh doesn't fit well there she fights back but got caught by the school people and got into trouble. 

Book Rate: 10

This book was really good. If you ever read Legend you would love to read their novella. And of course their second book ,Prodigy, that came out couples of months already. 

I really love Day and hate June in the first book but kind of like her in the second book. But Day is awesome. I fell sorry for him but I like how he is trying to fight his freedom. I am a really big fan of Marie Lu and some other authors because their books are just awesome. It's fabulous. 

Day was just a fresh boy running away from the Republican and trying to survive on his own. On the other side June is having a hard time in her first day of school in Drake University. But I think June deserve to get pick on because she was being pest to Day. June really annoys me. She is really annoying and acts like she is really strong and powerful.

But anyways you guys who have not read Legend should read at least the first book. It is really fabulous ad I think you guys would enjoy it as much as I did.

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