Monday, May 27, 2013

Author Interview

Author Interview: Malinda Lo

Well you see It's not really an interview. So like on May 23, 2013 Malinda Lo came to our school for Q&A thing. So she answer some of our questions and of course I didn't ask her any but there was people who ask her and some of them where the questions that was in my mind. So I didn't have to speak at all. So I videotape her and took some pictures.

These are the books that she writes. So of the books that she writes have a Lesbian Twist. Ash and Huntress have it and it's like a retelling of a fairly tale. 

Here are the pictures of her books:

       This book come out in 2013 so it's not released yet. But the top three have been released and I heard it was pretty good.

So hope you guys try out one of her books.

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