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Book review: Catching On Fire

Book Review: Catching On Fire

Catching On Fire by Sue Knott

Book Summary: In my wildest dreams, I never imagined myself in this position. I have no one I could turn to. If I confided in my family or my best friend, I'd be putting them in danger. Besides, I could no longer trust them. They wouldn't betray me on purpose. But, the FBI would tell whatever lies were needed to uncover my secrets.
  I felt like I could trust the men I loved (Yes, plural. long story.) But, the rational side of my brain (amazing I still had a such a side) reminded me that it would be too great a risk.
   How had I gotten myself into such a bleak and isolated situation? Oh yea. I was trying to save the world. Who woulda thunk so many people would be against that? Not me. But then, I was learning that I had a lot to learn.....
Syi's Summary: Rachel has been on her own because she trust no one and no one trust her. Since she wants to save the world but nobody likes that idea of the world being save. Though it was the FBI who cause people to distrust Rachel so she could have no one to turn too no even her family because the FBI could use anything to know what Rachel is up too like telling lies to everybody that she is an enemy or whatever they could think of. The FBI thinks she has a big secret that she doesn't want to let people know. But Rachel has something else in mind something that she needs to learn.
Book Rate: 8.5

First, I would like to thank the author, Sue Knott, for sending me a copy of Catching On Fire for a honest review.  It was great, but it was pretty boring at first in the beginning until the action comes in near the middle and the end and it began to be interesting. 

Rachel is a girl that date guys and then break up with them because all the guys she dates are pretty bad so it always ended bad. That is why she could trust the men she once loved instead of her family and friends. Well she did has a best friend that always follow her around, Kim, until things got worst. 

I kinda feel bad for Rachel, being disown by her family and people don't trust her because she wants to save the world and somehow people don't like the idea of the world being saved. And the FBI on the other hand thinks she has a very big secret and want to find what the secret is and decided to tell lie about her.

But it was a great book to read so give it a try if you're at it.

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