Sunday, July 28, 2013

Book Review: Prairie Song

Book Summary: Prairie Song

Prairie Song by Mona Hodgson

Book Summary: Though it means saying good-bye to the beloved friends and spiritual mentors of her St. Charles, Missouri, quilting circle, Anna Goben is certain that she needs to enlist her family in the Boone's Lick Company Wagon Train. The loss of her beloved brother in the Civil War has paralyzed her mother and grandfather in a malaise of grief and depression, and Anna is convinced that only a fresh start in the Promised Land of California can bring her family back to her. Although unknown perils of the trail west loom, Anna's commitment to caring for her loved ones leaves no room for fear-or even loving someone new.
       During the five-month journey, trail hand Caleb Reger plans to keep a low profile as he watches over the band of travelers.Guarding secrets of his past and avoiding God's calling on his life, Caleb wants to steer as far from Anna as she does him, but she proves to be just as he assessed from the beginning-independent, beautiful, and trouble.
   Led by a pillar of hope, the group faces rough terrain that begins to take a toll on their spirits. Will the wilderness of suffering lead them astray, or will the gentle song of love that echoes across the prairie turn their hearts toward God's grace and the promise of the new home?
Syi's Summary: Anna was supposed to be married to Boney but she turns down the marriage because she wants to stay with her mother and grandfather and go with them to the new home that is in California. Her brother was killed in the Civil War that lead her family into depression and Anna wants them to be happy and start over again in a new home. Caleb Regers wants to stay away from Anna and God's calling. He is a mystery person who doesn't want God's calling and have a mystery past that he doesn't want to talk about. Some of the people who are traveling already got married and is left behind and most of the people stay and goes on to the new land wanting to have a fresh start like Anna and her family or start a n home and live happily.

Book Rate: 8.5

This was my first Historical Romance book that I have read and it turns out pretty good. Most of the books that I read are either Fantasy, Dystopian, SCI-FI, or YA. Well I don't think school books counts because they are for school. 

I don't really like reading Historical book because they are boring and the language doesn't make sense but this book was actually better than I thought. Well I don't think this was the first Romance book because I read other Romance before. Good thing Prairie Song was great.

If you are interseting into trying out a Historical Romance book than you should give this book a try and see if you like it. If you do there's more of Mona Hodgson's books.

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