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Book Review: 1NF1N1TY

Book Review: 1NF1N1TY

1NF1N1TY by Rachel Ward

Book Summary: Mia's trusting eyes fix on mine and her number fills my head. I don't see numbers, but I know hers. Adam told me. 02202054. It's better than what she started with, but it's not enough. I feel sick at the thought. Mia can't die so soon;she's too young. She needs to find another number, a better number. But how?
Syi: Summary: Mia is a two year old girl who's mother is Sarah and Adam. Adam can see numbers and the numbers that he sees is the death numbers. Which is the death date when people dies. e found out about Mia's number and hope she find another one that is better since hers is 02202054, that means that she will die at the age of 27, too young. Later on in the story they bump into Saul, one of their enemy that they should avoid though he took Mia away and they have no choose but to follow him. Saul only took Mia away because he wants Adam's powers and trick him to giving him and as a trade he will keep away from his family. But that was a lie, Saul can still numbers in the last minute of his death date and tried to take Adam's or Sarah's or Mia's depending on which one is better. During that imprison Sarah found out that Mia have the same power as Adam's Nan, who can see people's aura. But in the end Saul die and fails to get the numbers he wants and Adam and his family live happily with each other.

Book Rate:  9.7 :)

I really like this book but too bad I didn't read the second book The Chaos so I don't know what happen in the beginning of the story. The first book was great, skip the second book, and the third book as fantastic. I should really read the second book to catch up with the story.

But anyways, it's really sad of how you have some kind of power and people is after it and then after a second or later you get separate from your family and the love ones. It's really sad and depressing. Though Adam's powers can see people's death date which when they die. Mia's powers can see people's aura.

I really like Mia and her powers but she's still a little baby but can draw well. Different from any child, which normal baby draw with their fists but Mia draw like people who learn how to write already. I find that pretty interesting and cool, a nice gift from her mother.

So here are the prequels to Infinity:
Num8ers, the first book with different types of covers.
The Chaos, second book.

That's it with the review!

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