Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Iron Fey series

The Iron Fey series

The Characters:
  • Meghan Chase (Daughter of Oberon, Iron Queen)
  • Ash (Son of Mab, Prince of Unseelie Court)
  • Puck (Meghan bodyguard)
  • Grimalkin (The cat)
  • Leanansidhe (Queen of Exile, Likes to steal things from people)
  • Mab (Queen of Tir Na Nog, mother of three sons)
  • Oberon (King of Seelie Court, father of Meghan, Husband to Titania)
  • Titania (Queen of Seelie Court, always jealous)
  • Ariella Tularyn (Use to be Ash lover)
  • Ethan Chase (Meghan's little brother, can see faery)
  • Furrum
  • Glitch
  • Ironhorse
  • Machina (False Iron King)
  • Melissa and Luke Chase (Meghan's mother and step-father, Ethan's parents)
  • Razor
  • Rowan (Ash older brother)
  • Sage (Ash oldest brother)
  • Virus
  • The Wolf
The Realms of NEVERNEVER:
  • Arcadia (The Seelie Court, the Summer Court)
  • Tir Na Nog (The Unseelie Court, the Winter Realm)
  • The Iron Realm (Iron Kingdom, Iron Court)
  • The Wyldwood
  • The Between
  • The Human World
  • The End of the World
The Iron Fey series:
  • The Iron King
  • The Iron Daughter
  • The Iron Queen
  • The Iron Knight
  • The Lost Prince
  • The Traitor Son
  • Winter Passage
  • Summer Crossin
  • The Iron Prophecy
These are some of the characters you will see if you read any of the Iron Fey books and also the Realms. I read the series that I check out in the Library and fell in love with it since it was a very exciting book with different kinds of characters with different emotions. I really like books with that, it's more interesting that way. I'm looking forward going to the bookstore to buy the book set of the Iron Fey. :)

This book is a must read! And I also recommended to readers that love some romance and faeries. It have a lot of faeries and some romance which it's pretty good, since I'm not really a romance reader. I really love fantasy and YA, those two are my absolute genres that I love to read.

Well that's all for The Iron Fey series. Just some new before I go. Prodigy will be coming out January 29th, 2013, if you read the first book Legend, then look forward to the second book.

~Happy reading to all~

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