Sunday, December 9, 2012

Book Review: Burning Blue

Book review: Burning Blue

Burning Blue by Paul Griffin

Book Summary: When Nicole Castro, the most beautiful, weathly, and popular girl in her suburban New Jersey high school, has her face splashed with acid, the tragedy is instantly all over the national news. But her classmate, quiet loner and brilliant hacker Jay Nazarro, who understands how it feels to be treated like a freak, does more than just gawk at her damaged face. He decides to find out who did it. The deeper Jay digs, though, the more he falls for the surprisingly down-to-earth Nicole. . . and the more danger he's in. Everyone is a suspect-including Nicole herself-and whoever did it seemsready to strike again.
Syi's Summary: Nicole was splashed with acid in her AP Chemical class.Her whole half left side of her face was burn and is cover with bandages. Jay, who is a loner and a brilliant hacker understands how she feels and tries to commfort her. Though she doesn't accepts him but later does. Later on Jay tries to find out who did it and falls deeper and deeper into Nicole's world and was kind of falling in love. And soon finds out that the person who splashed acid on Nicole's face is treing to do it again or possibly kill her.
Book Rate: 9.7     (>.<)

I really think this boolk deserves a 9.6 but want to be better so 9.7. I realy think of Nicole as a stubborn girl. Thoguh feel bad for her getting like that when she all popular at school and everywhere.

So for this book I don't have anything that I want to say so this is it.

Enjoy your reading.

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