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Book Review: Summer and Bird

Book Review: Summer and Bird

Summer and Bird by Katherine Catmull

Book Summary: When their parents disappear in the middle of the night, a cryptic picture message from theirmother leads young sisters Summre and Bird through a familiar gate into the woods where the sad electric song of a tiny patchwork bird draws them Down. In this ruined, frozen world of birds, their divided hearts will lead them in very different directions in a quest toward united goals: Vanquish the ravenous, bird-swaalowing Puppeteer and reveal the true heir to the swan queen's throne.
Syi's Summary: Summer and Bird's parents disappear at midnight, left the two young sister alone. Though they found a message from their mother and determine to find her and their father. Going through the gate and into the woods going Down, it led the two sister in different directions. Summer, the older sister was left alone in the woods while Bird the younger sister went another way according to her birdsong. Later, they regroup when they found their mother as the queen swan and that she chooses Summer as the next queen. But Bird argue that Summer is not a bird and that I am a bird that I should be the queen. That Summer and her father left her mother and Bird in the Bird castle and left back to their house.

Book Rate: 9.5

This book is very sad about how both of their parents left them alone to find them.

I find the names of the character really cool. Like Summer and Bird. Birds like to fly around during Summer and Summer enjoys Bird flying. tought the character Summer doesn't likeit when Bird sings but summer is a human and Bird is bird.

Their father was a human and their mother is a bird though they do not know that until the end when they found both their father and mother. This boook is the most interesting story I ever read. But it's only an ARC. I found a lot of mistakes in this book well that because their not published yet.

That's all I have for this review. Getting lazy to type some more.

Anyways Happy Reading to All!

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