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Book Review: Bitterblue

Book Review: Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore

Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore

Welcome to a glorious realm of mystery, magic, heriosm, and danger.

 Book Summary: In a world where a small percentage of people have an extreme skill called a Grace, King Leck's Grace allowed him to tell lies that everyone believed.
   When Bitterblue became queen at ten years old, she thought her father's murder meant the end of his violent, sociopathic influence.
   She was wrong.
   The intensely anticipated companion to New York Times bestsellers Graceling and Fire is even more " rageful, exhilarating, wistful," and romantic. Now eighteen and believing her advisors are overprotecting her, Bitterblue begins sneaking outside the castle at night to walk the streets of her own city, disguised and alone-risking her life as well as her heart.

Ivy's summary: Queen Bitterblue have became the queen of the Monsean. Though she doesn't know anything about her own castle. Her people have just awaken from a 35 year old spell from King Leck. At night she likes to sneak out and wonder around outside. So she met Saf a thief and Teddy and printer. They became friends and every night she sneaks out to meet them. Though her friends does not knoe her true name and instead her diguise name is Sparks. Later they found out that Sparks their friend from the castle is Queen Bitterblue. So Saf hates her but Teddy knew that Sparks is Bitterblue and still likes her. But after a while Saf and Bitterblue was back together.

This book is so good:
Book Rate:(1-10): 9.9

This is my FAVORITE BOK IN THE GRACELING REALM.  The best book and the best author that I love. This series by Kristin Cashore is the best series I ever read and loved. WOOOH WOOOH Hooraayyy fffooorr Kristin Cashore.

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