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Book Review: The Dragon Heir

Book Review: The Dragon Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

The Dragon Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

Book Summary: The Covenant that was meant to keep the wizard wars at bay has been stolen, and Trinity must prepare for attack. Everyone is doing their part: Seph is monitoring the Weirlind, Jack and Ellen are training their ghostly army, even Anaweir Will and Fitch are setting booby traps around the town's perimeter. But to Jason Haley it seems like everyone wants to keep him out of the action. He may not be the most powerful wizard in Trinity, but he's perpared to fight for his friends.
  Everyone changes, though, when Jason finds a powerful talisman-a huge opal called the Dragonhart-buried in a cave.The stone seems to sing to Jason's very soul-showing him that he's meant for more than anyone's guessed.
   Moral compasses spin out of control as a final battle stroms through what was once a sanctuary for the gifted. With so much to lose, what will the people of Trinity be willing to fight for-and what will they sacrifice? It's everyone for himself in this thrilling conclusion to the Heir trilogy.
Ivy's Summary: Trinity was under attack by the roses and everyone have to lose something and have to fight. Seph, Jack, Ellen, and Anaweir Will and Fitch have been helping out to fight. Jason who they have kept out of action have found a huge opal called the Dragonheart and it sing to Jason's very soul.

This third book of the Heir trilogy was the best.
Book Rate:(1-10): 10!!!!

I like al three volumes of this series. I really recommend you to read this series. Now that I've finish the Heir trilogy I want to read theDemon King the next series that is written by Cinda Wiliams Chima.

She writes the book in a very interesting way with a lot of action and a little romance and it makes this book my favorite.

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