Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Book Review: Wolves of the Beyond

Book Review: Wolves of the beyond by Kathryn Lasky

Wolves of the Beyond: Frost Wolf

Book Summary: A HIDDEN ENEMY
  The winds have shifted in the Beyond. It's summer, and that should mean warmth, fish, and meat, but blizzards rake the land and the caribou that the wolves hunt have disappeared almost completely. Famine has arrived in the Beyond, and the strict order among the wolf clans is starting to break down.
   Worse, there's one wolf thriving on the chaos. He wears a stolen owl battle mask and calls himself the Prophet. There are horrible rumors that instead of helping the wolves survive, he's leading hundreds of them to their deaths. The elite Wloves of Watch send young Faolan and his friend Edme on a desperste mission to bring down the Prophet. but how can the two wolves stop an enemy they can'teven find?
Ivy's summary: There was a wolf that found a lost mask that belongs to a owl and wears it and calls himself the prophet. And the wolves packs are in danger because the prophet isn't helping them he's leading to their death. So Faolan and his friend Edme have to find him and bring him down before all the wolves disappears.

Book Rate:(1-10):9.8

This series is very sad since the wolvesthrow away the pup that wasn't born right and their mother to. How sad and left to die. Anyways this book is not the end yet there is another one coming. The Fifth book of this amazing series. I read the Guardians of Ga'Hoole and find it boring and so My friend recommend me to read this series that is also from the same author that written the Owls stories. So I read it and it was sooo good!

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