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Book Review: Brutal

Book Review: Brutal

Brutal by Michael Harmon

Book Summary: With her martyr-doctor mother gone to some South American jungle(saving the world, as usual), Poe Holly has just landed on the doorstep of the dad she never knew. And she can't imagine a more stifling, sterile place than Benders Hollow, California. It's like the anti-Los Angeles: no raves, no noise, and no friends. Poe-former singer in an La band, current punker with black fingernails-couldn't be more out of place.
   But there's more stirring beneath the surface than meets the eye in this well-manicured town, especially at Benders Hign. There's Theo, the loner who wears old-school Black Sabbath T-shirts(and happens to be the mayor's son). And Velveeta, Poe's strange neighbor who's the butt of every prank at school. When the pranks threaten to turn deadly at the hands of invincible football star Colby Morris, Poe knows she's got to take down the hero, even if no one else in this perfect little town has ever had theguts to try.
Syi's Summaru: Poe Holly went to live with her father who she doesn't know. She live with him and went to Benders High school. Tgough she doesn't make any friends and her strange neighbor Velveeta, a prankster at the high school. Poe often have to faace bullies in school. though the pranks that Velveeta makes have turn into a deadly turn. The football star have control of the pranks and it may destroy people. And so Poe have to take him down which other people at school don't want to.

Book Rate: 7.6  it should have been worse than this.

I really want to give it a 6 but i don't want to feel bad about it. I don't really like this book. But i got this for free from a book club that I join in my school. But still i don't like it. I really hate ths book.

So yeah. This book won't have quotes since i didn't find any good ones.
Yeah that's it for this awful book.

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