Sunday, September 9, 2012


hey guys<3

So who's interested in James Patterson's books?
  Well I am!

So I join the book clubin my school and there was free giveaways. So I saw Confessions of a Murder Suspect and some other books. There was only three copy  and I got the LAST ONE. YAY<3

Ok so I got like four books and there are more books that I haven't read yet so I have 11 books to read so far. And another author named, Sebastian Cole is going to send me a copy of Sand Dollar so I have 12 books now.

There will be a lot of book review later when I get to finish the books. LOL<3 Probably a few years if I read slow.hahahahaha.

So I guess that's it Iwant to talk about and look forward to Phoenix Angel Book Review. I'm alomost done.


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