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Book Review: Phoenix Angel

Book Review: Phoenix Angel

Phoenix Angel by A. Gerry and C. Hall

Book Summary: What is happening to us?
I've asked this question a thousand times, but there is no answer
    I was a normal teenager, trudging my way through senior year with my best friend. Then a boy named Kyle Spencer came to Idaho Falls, and since then everything has fallen apart. Something mysterious has passed among the three of us. developed terrifying abilities-strange powers separate us from normal people.
   Even worse, someone-or something-has taken deadly interest in us. We never known when they are going to strike, or how to protect ourselves. We don't even know who they are.
   All we kno is that they want one of us alive, and we don't know who. The others they want dead.
   Which will I be?

Syi's summary: So Maggie Brooks is a normal teenager who has a normal friend name Lily Iver. Everything was very normal until a boy came to Idaho Falls name, Kyle Spencer. Everything just change in both Maggie's live and her friend's too. They start to have magical powers. But once they have these magical powers something is after them, a demon or probably a monster. Though they do not which one of them the monsters or demons wants. They just know that it's either Maggie or Lily who causes others to have magical abilities. But the other normal people the demons want dead. But each time the three of them separate something would appear to kill or kipnap them. So all three of them, Kyle, Maggie, and Lily have to stay togther and be safe. But there  was a new guy who came while Maggie and Lily was under attack by demons the boy named, Carter found Lily's purse who is laying on the snow ground. Found her picture and was determine to find her. But things got even worse when he show up. Many things went very wrong and who is the one causing this?!

                                          Book Rate: 10!!!!!!!

So first I would like to thank Deonna, A. Gerry and C. Hall for this wonderful book. I really enjoy this book. They also gave me the second book, Guardian of Time. Though I didn't start it yet<3

  Ok so let get to the book part.
The book was totally awesome<3 This book is so suspenseful and fabulous. There is a lot of fantastic and epic-ness quotes which will be on here when I finish fangirling this book.

The main character, Maggie Brooks is so mean and is only nice to Lily, her only friend in the school. Lily was a girl that is friend with everybody  and then there was Kyle Spencer,m a new kid in school. He's so cool and awesome<3 hahaha. I really like him. He started to go out with Maggie when she accepted him as a friend but she doesn't like him that much. Though he still talk and talk and I think it annoy her so much that she hates him. hahahaha poor Kyle. But after all those things that happen to them like the super powers they have. But I don't want tell you. DON'T WANT TO SPOIL THE GOOD PART TO YOU GUYS<3 But it's really cool.hahaha. I really like it.
  And then it comes to the second book of this series, Guardian of Time. I can't wait to read it since how I like the first book.ehehehehe<3 Amanda Gerry and Christy Hall really write good and awesome books like this one<3 Phoenix Angel and Guardian of Time, though I didn't get to read the second book yet and I'm already saying this because of the first book<3

Ok now that's do the suspenseful and epic quotes of this fantastic book:

"Lily's ice-green eyes sparkled with expectation"
Oooo<3 she's going to challege someone. (probably Maggie)

"...felt a prickle against her neck and instinctively scaned the room. The jock stared at her."
The jock. hahahahaha That's a funny name fora gang.

"He dumped her right there in the commoms, in front of everyone, making sure to publicly announce that he had been the usurper of her virginity."
Ooooooo! poor girl well I don't don't reallycare for them. hahaha

"you're lucky to go out with me, Brooks",he seethed. "Right now you're nothing."
Ooo that's so so hard. Too bad for you Maggie. Well I don't really like her in the first place since she's all mean to everybody, except Lily.

"I'd never date a guy who walks around with his fly open."
Hahahahahahahaha That part was so funny. At first I don't know what it mean but after reading the part a few times it was so Hillrious<3

"You've got no right to treata a girl like a piece of meat,"Kyle almost growled."
You go Kyle. You're the best<3

"Since you won't tell me your name,I came up with one on my own. Thought it might fit your personality."
Sparky is a good name for Maggie since she's all that.

"You try so hard to get rid of people,but you don't realixe some of us like a challege."
Whoa Kyle you just beat her<3 wellyeah she does like to get rid of people like boys.

" He's like your knight in shining armor."
Yep Kyle is sure is a knight and it's a cute and hot one toooooo<3

"She shamelessly cheated on tests, produced answers in class discussions, destroy the happiness of several members of Katie Maxwell's pack."
You are a bad girl for cheating on tests. You are not my favorite character in this book.:(

"I'm begging you Sparky, be my Lady in Red."
Aww Kyle that's so sad if That Maggie turn down the offer.

"How does it feel to lose your boyfriend to me for the second time, B-I-T-C-H?"
Oooooh<3 Cat fightis going to start!

"...but when your heart gets broken don't expect any sympathy from me."
That's what you get Maggiw for not listening to your friend's words.

"Because I love you, Maggie."
Awwwwww How sweet of you Kyle but she should really give up on her.

"Not dead, Lily wept mutely. Oh Please God, not dead!"
Awww! Poor Lily<3

"After  several blocks he intersected a bridge that spanned a unique spectaacle."
Whoa what kind of bridgeit that!!

"...little rock-lined cliff overlocking a 20-foot plunge."
That's a long tall rock then!!!!

"Sounds lke you need to dump this guy," Carter said as hefreed Lilt's hand."
That's so mean Carter. >~<

"The man on the roof grasped the hilt of his sword, the ring of the escaping metal tearing mourning through the night air."
Trouble is coming!!

"Besides, it gets annoying to sit there and listen to people's mumbled dreams."
I know It's annoying!

"Mark cares. He cared a lot. He wished that Lily would just ditch Carter."

"Lily, you could never disappoint anyone. You are the most beautiful person I have ever met."
Aww how sweet Carter, but I still hate you.

"Their entire trigonometry class was dead."
Oh Uh!! I loved surprises!!!

"I'd mary you right now if you'd say yes."
OMGF Kyle is so sweet<3 to Maggie!

Well that's the story of Phoenix Angel. If you like my review then you should give the book a try and let the author know how you fell about it. I loved the book<3

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