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Book Review: Guardian of Time

Book Review: Guardian of Time

Guardian of Time by A. Gerry and C. Hall

Book Summary: A secret has the power to destroy a kingdom.
I have learned this through both isolation and sorrow. My inheritance is a legacy of lies-they flow through my family like poison. Each new morning they become harder to hide.
  But now my world is in turmoil. The Second Kingdom has already fallen. Demons rise from its ashes, crossing our borders to slaughter my people. Betrayal threatens to consume all I strive to defend. The Jeweled City is on the brink of war. Only my marriage to a stranger can slow its tide.
  How can I choose between duty and love?
Syi's Summary: Margariete was a princess of the First Kngdom with the Prince in the throne, her brother, Raeylan. Margariete's younger brother who isa prineling is with his loder sibling instead of his father. Things were going smooth in the First Kingdom, until Margariete over heard that her brother who promise to protect her signed a treaty  of marriage.  She thought it was her getting married and hurry of away from the Kingdom. Prince Raeylan found out and came after her with so army and chase after her, even though she doesn't know. Margariete found a girl, name Ewilsen that appear in the flame. Ewilsen, can't remember anything and Margariete didn't tell her that she was the princess of te First Kingdom and instead she told Ewilsen that she's running away from a marriage. She then found herself in trouble with a noble man while trying to save a peasant from being executed and instead she's the one being burn to flame by the noble man. But her brother, Prince Raeylan came and save her from dying and told her that the marriage wasn't for her and it was for himself. Margariete was relived and thought that her brother broken the promise. Though, once Prince Raeylan got married, things have been weirder. Margariete and the future Queen Katrina don't seem to like each other and always get into a fight. Soon found out the future Queen have been murder and they all thought it was Margariete and was brought to her father the king of Third Kingdom. Her father want her to be executed but her brother protect her and the two knigdoms along with the future Queen father got in to war when demons and other monsters appearing every where. Many    people died and Prince Shikun, the youngest prince died becaue of Korion wants, Ewilsen, who have the Glove power in her, who is also know as the twin Prince Raeylan and Princess Margariete's mother.

Book Rate: 10<3   

This book was so awesome. I really like it. And thanks again to Amanda Gerry and Christy hall and Deonna for sending me this awesome book. I really enjoy reading the Shardwell Magic. But most of all I like the second book better than the first one. Though both book are written very nice. This series is highly recommended to any people who is  interested in these kind of book or want to ry to read these kind for a change,but it's highly recommended.
   This book is really sad cmopare to the first book. I really feel sad for the young Prince, Shikun.. He died in a young age when he didn't even become a full prince yet and died. I really feel sad for himmmmm. Though the twins is still alive so that's fine. I think that Margariete is kind of stubbron and mean sometimes.Though I hate Prince Raeylan future wife, Katrina because she's all mean and naughty because she going to be the Queen and all that. I can't believe that she even told Princess Margariete to live the top floor and said that the top floor is for the King and The Queen area. But yeah Katrina died because someone murder her and many people thought it was Margareite but it's not. I don't feel sad that she died I think she deserved it.
   Even though Prince Raeylan signed the treaty of Marriage he still have a soft spot for Ewilsen. But every time he look at Ewilsen is future wife gets mad or probably she just jealous that Prince Raeylan is nice to Ewilsen and not her. But yeah Prince Raeylan and Ewilsen goes along better and that will make Raeylan and Marraiete's life better.

   I really like Ewilsen's powers. Her powers were a healing power and I also like Margariete's powers too. I think her powers was mind reading. Her powers are mind reading and fighting. The Shardwell magic. It;s really cool.

So yeah I think this is it for this review. And again I highly recommended this book for every one.

So right now, I'm resading Dirty Little Secrets by C. J. Omololu. And so far the book is really awesome. haha<3 Also I'm reading a Uglies or probably read that after. And I got Sand Dollar to read too. So MANY BOOOKS TO READ. BUT I REALLY ENJOY READING.

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