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Book Review: Dear John

Book Review: Dear John

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Book Summary:  When Savannah Lynn Curtis come into his life, Jogn Tyree knows he is ready to turn over a new leaf. An angry rebel, he enlisted in the army after high school, not knowing what else to do. Then, during a furlough, he meets Savannah, the girl of his derams. The attraction is mutual and quickly grows into the kind of love that leaves Savannah vowing to wait for John while he finishes his tour of duty. But neither can foresee that 9/11 is about to change the world. Like so many proud men and women, John must choose between love and Country. Now, when he finall returns to North Carolina, John will discover how love can tranform us in ways we never could have imagined.
Syi's Summary:John Tyree is a soldier who went to the army after high school and skip college. He soon meet a girl while coming home to visit his father. Savannah Lynn Curtis was a girl in his dream for a long time. They both meet when John save Savannah's bag from drowning in the water. And later went to dinner and houses to meet their parents and hang out. Even if they both love each other John have to leave to finish his tour duty, but they both promise to marry each other when they both are here. But after John finish his work in the army, came back to his home town, found out that his father died and left the house and head out to Savannah town. He found out that Savannah was already married. And left John empty wenting for a girl to love him.

Book Rate: 10<3

This book was really good but sad. I nearly cried when his father died, when they both fell in love , and when Savannah told him that she's married. It's really sad. All of Nicholas Sparks book are really sad. And I got two more Nicholas Sparks book to read, Safe Haven and The Last Song. They're both good books.

There was a movie of this book long time ago, back in 2010. I think, but yeah there was a movie of it. Mostly every Nicholas Sparks book have turn into a movie and came out as DVD already. If it's not in the movies than it's going to be online.

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