Thursday, August 9, 2012



So my friend and I are having a contest to see who write the best book of any stories. And draw the characters out too. I was thinking of what kind of story should i write. THen I found Legend by Marie Lu and thought of a story so i combine Legend and I am Number Four together and put it my own words and BAMM comes my writing. (It's not the same with Legend and I am Number Four just to let you guys know)

So I'm writing the chapters since I already did the prologue. And here I go with the rest of the chapters and the summary for the back of the book like every other book.

And I need to draw the pictures of my characters and the other things that would be on my characters.

I already come up with what the main characters need.~~A Sword~~
Since I'm Making him a ninja with a katana in his hand at all time.And he will be a criminal ,a runaway criminal.

I figure out a name for him. It's Stephen Daniel Aiden. SOOOOO COOLL!!!!!!

I'm making him caucasian with dark-brown hair,green-ish blue eyes, and 5'3 tall.
Wonder if I should make his hair short or long?
Guessing it would be short since it look nice or maybe a long hair tie up as a ponytail.

Well I need to think about my other characters in my book and draw them out.

Wonder How My friend is doing....

Oh well Bye~

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