Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Destiny Sneak Peek!!!!1

One Destiny Sneak Peek!!!!

      The year of 3084. The world has change. Everything is nearly gone. The Sun is weaken and is disappearing. The Planet that was once called Earth is half destroy. Fire is rising. Thunder is roaring. Lightning is striking. Aliens roaming the universe. Destroying every Planet that is in there way.
    Now every planet in the solar system is destroy and only their planet still exist. But, they are not the only one who still exist in the universe.
    In a place far away from the earth and it's galaxy, lies another galaxy that is not known to anyone on Earth.  Planet Karamagious, a planet that is a peaceful place to be and that they have existing humans. Though their behavior is far different and that they have powers and magic that they could perform. Their hair color is in many colors and black and brown hair is a foreign and it's rare in the planet of Karamagious.
    This Planet is a peaceful, nice, and, and beautiful place. People there live a very happy life until the Alien races found their Planet . The head of the Aliens, Lucas  found out that the Planets leader was the King that kill  his father. And kidnapped the King's daughter, Erima and bought her to his planet.
   And now it's up to Stephen Daniel Aiden to save Erima or live a life forever as a criminal.

So yeah here's a sneak peek of my book, One Destiny. But this is not the real one yet. I still editing the summary to make it better. So this one up here is still not that good so I have to make it better.

So keep in touch with the final Summary and a prologue of my book.:)

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