Thursday, August 9, 2012

Syi's Writing Tips

This is my writing tips all of you who wants to become a writer or a author that writes books.

Writing Tips:

1.Put all ideas on a paper and draw out which imformation you want and write that and another piece of paper.

2. For the characters of your books or story pick a boy or girl and decide what that character would look like.
  (Example: Boy- 10-year-old, Light Brown Hair, Black Eyes,5'1 tall)
So that is my example for you

3.Pick your setting of the book like anywhere you want it to be
 (exam: Mars)

4. Start writing you First draft of every chapters and DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE CLIMAX AND THE PLOT OF THE STORY!

5. After finishing the draft read the things you wrote to see if it's good and then give it to someone to read it and revised the story

6. After that person read it and revised it. You could write it on a hard cover notebook or regular note book or if you have a notebook that look just a book, write all the the words in it and there you have it. You Book.

This is my tips for you well if you want more you could go to

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