Friday, August 24, 2012

Revised One Destiny Summary!!! Yay

Revised One Destiny!!!!

  Yay it's revised!!!!!! My friend revised it and she is also a bookaholic and so into books. So I hired her as my editor. And Yay I have a new editor!!!!

So this is the revised one and the final one.

  It is now the year of 3084. The world has changed entirely. Everything is nearly gone. The Sun is weakening and is in process of disappearing. The planet that was once called Earth is half destroyed. Fire is burning. Thunder is roaring. Lightning is striking. Aliens roam the universe freely, destroying every planet in their way.
   Now...every other planet in the sloar system is destroyed. Only their planet still exists. But, fortunately-they are not the only ones who still existe.
   In a place far from the remains of Earth lies another that is completely arcane. Planet Karamagious,a peaceful place to be with existing humans, though their behavior is far different and they have magic powers they can perform. Their hair color is a variety of colors, black and brown hair is seen as foreign and rare in the planet of Karamagious.
  This planet used to be a peaceful, nice, and a beautiful place. People that have lived a very happy life until the Alien races found their planet. The head of the Aliens,Lucas,found out that the Planet's leader was the King that murdered his father. Therefore, Lucas kidnapped the King's daughter, Erima and brought her to his Planet.
  And now it's up to Stephen Daniel Aiden to save Erima or-live a life forever as a criminal.

This is the one that will be on my One Destiny by Syi page>3 When I'm finish making it. So yeah


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