Saturday, August 4, 2012

Syi's Legend News

Heyyy! This is the Legends News.WHOOO! Yess! So Prodigy is coming out in 2013 and it's in January 29. 6 months to go. ^OMG^ I can't wait for it and the sad part is that August just begin!!!!!!!!!

Well anyways if you haven't went to Marie Lu's website well you better go and check it out

This it her websited:

These are the two websites that you should check out. It have all the news that you need and the best part is that it have pictures of DAY!!!!!

My favorite character. I have to out him in my Number One List of the Hot Boys Section.
Marie Lu is my number 1 favorite character. And the best part of that is that she is a very excellent drawer.

So here's some of the pictures that she drew......

And there is a another version of Legend by Marie Lu in Japanese.
Pretty cool!!!

Alos it have it in UK/Australia and German version too! But I don't know it it's in that language, but it's worth seeing.

UK/Australia VersionGerman VersionUS Version

And the second book of this best series and it's coming out in 2013! Will be...PRODIGY!!!!!!

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