Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hey Guys this is a update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you have goodreads you'l know what I mean. There are giveaways for the books that didn't come out yet and try to win a copy of it with Signature of the authors..........
It's pretty awaesome but I didn't won any yet still waiting for the rest of the giveaways that I entered.

Well It's really good if you win every giveaway book that you have entered. That's Good Luck!!!!!!

So anyways, to the people who don't know that I'm in a contest with my friend, I'm writing a book and drawing the pictures of the characters that will appear in my story!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i'm going to scan the pictures that i drew when i'm finish with the coloring and the shading!!!!>3

I'm thinking of giving you guys a preview of my book>3

So keep track on the preview that i'm gonna write!!!!!!!!!!


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