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Legend by Marie Lu:Quotes

Day's quotes from Legend By Marie Lu

Here are the quotes........

"..hands fiddle with the pendant tied around my neck..."
Day is so cool even his movement is so awesome.

"...dipped a ball of crushed ice into a can of gasoline, let the oil coat the ice in a thick layer, lit it...launched it with a slingshot through the window of our local police headquarters....remember the fire trucks that came whizzing around the corner shortly...charred remains of thepolice building's west wing..."
His first crime. OMG!!! So cool! I don't rally cared if Day is a criminal or not. He's so awesome and cute.

"...look pretty awesome tonight...wearing my good pair of shoes-boots made of dark leather worn soft over time...strong laces and steel toes...hidden knife flat against the sole of each boot...feel the cold metal against my trousers tucked into my boots...carry a pair of gloves, black handkerchief in my pockets, dark, long-sleeved shirt tied around my hangs loose down my shoulders...sprayed my white-blond strands a deep black..."
Oh Yeah you always look awesome!!!!!!>3

"If I was a goddy rich sector boy, I'd be admitted without charge."
Yeah, but right now you're not that rich and beside you still need to bring some of the Notes to your family.

"...pull my hair back into a tight ponytail and tuck the tail into the shirt so it's pressed flat against my back...put my gloves on...tie a black handkerchief around my mouth and nose."
Ninja dressing! Nice!!!!!!!>3

"..throws my knife at him with all my strength...knife hits him hard in the shoulder."
Ninja Move>3

" open my long-sleeved shirt and let it billow out behind me as thoughts zip through my head. Knee bent. Feet first. Relax muscles. Hit with balls of feet. Roll. The ground rushes up at me. I braced myself."
Another cool move' Like a Ninja!!!!!!>3

"Don't get too close to her, you trot."
Nice way of saying it!

"This trot's going to choose Tess. Oh Hell No. Not while I'm watching. Not if Kaede wants to live."
Go get her Day. Don't want Tess to be squash to death by Kaede.

"Thank you for finding this. I wonder if she can hear the saddness in my voice. Thank you for giving it back to me."
Awwww!:( How sad Day! Well at least you got it back and there you have the memories of your father again.>3

This is Day's quotes my favorite character in Legend.

June's Quotes from Legend By Marie Lu

Here are the quotes........

"Metias is doing a better job than our dead parents."
Oooooo!How can you say that to your parents.

"Metias kissed me on my forehead,Forever and ever,kid,until you're sick and tired of seeing me."
Wondered how long will that last?

"I'll hunt you down,scour the streets of Los Angeles for you, search every street in the Republic if I have to. Trick you. Deceive you. Lie. Cheat. Steal to find you. Tempt you out of your hiding place. Chase you until you have nowhere to go...I make you this promise, your life is mine."
What! Nooooooo. definitely noooooo. You can't just knock on the door and capture him, You don't even know if he really kill your brother.

"Day has never killed anyone before...he once torched a whole squadron of fighter jects...vandalized the side of a military building...stolen money, foods, and goods...but, doesn't shoot soldiers...doesn;t attempt assassinations..doesn't kill. But why Metias?"
Well see Day didn't kill Metias and who ever kill him Day is not the suspect. So June you better get your mind off Day.

"Day didn't fail his Trial.Not even close. In fact, he got the same score I did:1500/1500. I am no longer the Republic's only prodigy with the perfect score."
Well how do you like that. Huh June. Well you better get Day out of that prison before he gets killed by those Republic's little loyal soldiers.

"Day will bes dead in less than a week."
Then you better get him out of there safe and get his family too. well his mother die though but safe his two brothers.

"Unchain him, I order. Take him down to the hospital wing....get that leg fix...gived him some food and water...otherwise he won't last the night."
That's much better June.

"These black marks look like rifle grease. Almost like the streak grease that was on Thomas's forehead when I first saw him that night."
Suspision!!!!!! Thomas might have kill Metias and blame it on Day since Day was with Metias in the hospital head to head. Stupid Thomas!

"I'm going to help Day escape."
Well you better since you know the truth and about Day.

Okay so I'm finally finish with both Day and June's quotes in the story.

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