Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Lucky One Update!!!!!!

 Hey Guys this is The Lucky One update!!!!!!

  So my friend let me borrow the Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. It's really good so far and I think Logan Thibault is my favorite character since he's nice nad sweet>3 I really like him. I'm still reading it so the keep in touch for the review of The Lucky One.

  Anyways, like I was saying. Goodreads authors are really nice. So one author gace me two books with both the author's signature on it. Yay for that. They're really cool and nice. So anyone out there who doesn't have a Goodreads account. SIGN UP FOR ONE IT'S NO BIG DEAL AND YOU COULD SEE WHAT NEW BOOKS YOU WANT TO TRY AND SEE THE REVEWS AND RATINGS PEOPLE PUT UP!!!!!

Well that's it I want to talk about. So keep in touch for The Lucky One book review.


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