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Book Review: Nevermore

Book Review: Nevermore

Nevermore by James Patterson

Book Summary: In the beginning,
                      There was Maximum Ride
                       A girl. A fighter. A leader
A superhuman with a mission to save the world.
            She's gone to the ends of the earth
                         seeking her destiny.
         AND NOW THE END ISN'T NEAR.....
                             IT'S HERE.

Syi's Summary: Max and her flock was doing ok but not as great like before. Fang have left the Flock and started his new gang and Angel have also left but now a victim to the lab again. Ari, Max half-brother is alive and is after Fang and is killing him. Though it was Maya, Max II, who died and not Fang, and he blame it on his own gang for not helping and left it and went back to Max because he heard The Voice. So Fang came back to Max with Dylan, now wanting to kill him because of The Voice again. Max and the rest of the Flock was very happy that Fang was back but not Dylan, afraind that Fang will take away Max away from him. But things change after Fang have come back to the Flock and to Max. . . . .

Book Rate: 10!!!<3

I just loved James Patterson Books. It's very interesting especially The Maximum Ride series. Now that I finished the Novel of the series, I have to wait for the rest of the graphic novel to come out.

I was so happy when Fang came back to Max and back to the Flock. But I really hate Dylan, he is always over Max. But yeah I'm glad that Fang came back, he's much better thatn Dylan and a way perfect match for Max.

Well than for this book I didn't get time to do quotes since I read it like in 3 hours. Best record, so yeah. Even if I read that fast I stillunderstood what the story is about.

And right now I am reading Everyday by David Levithan.

That's it for now.

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